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Monday, December 06, 2010

A Lire absolument! - Please take a minute and read!

Bonsoir à tous! Pour mes fidèles lectrices francophones, je laisse place à mon côté anglophone ce soir afin de tenter de venir en aide à un ami très cher, avec qui je travaille tous les jours et qui a un coeur en or!! Une perle d'homme, un bijou dans ma vie!

My post tonight is dedicated to a special friend of mine, a gem of a man that I have the pleasure of working with every day! His family is desperately seeking to make a dream come true for a very special young man, the one behind the beautiful smile on this picture :). Here is my friend Derek and his wife Melanie's message:

Dear Maheu family and friends,

As a special goal of ours this holiday season, we would like to make one of Shane Maheu’s dreams come true.

To some, Shane is a friend or a cousin; to others, he’s a nephew, grandson or a son. But to all, Shane is a lively and enthusiastic person who radiates joy and positive energy on all those around him. In return, we’d like to do something this Christmas that we hope will bring another smile on Shane’s face. 

Ever since Shane is battling the harsh effects of Muscular Dystrophy (MD), he has had great difficulty being able to partake in many of the activities that we often take for granted. That being said, we recently learned that one of Shane’s biggest wishes is to see and feel the ocean. His immediate family members, Charlie, Joanne, and Ashley have begun to save some funds to take Shane on a road-trip to Florida, where he can finally feel the cool crisp breeze of the ocean front and waves in between his toes. In hopes to bring Shane and his family closer to this special moment, we hope you can join us in participating in an initiative that we coined christmas4shane -- a goal to send Shane to Florida.

We encourage you to visit a unique website that we created for Shane at

Here, you will find all the information on how you can participate in the Make Shane’s Christmas Wish Come True objective, including a quick-and-easy online-donation option that we have set up and a place for you to share your comments. 

Our goal is to present Shane and his family with an extra-special gift at this year’s Maheu Christmas Party (December 18th): a significant financial contribution that will help turn Shane’s wish into a reality! Our target is to raise enough money to cover the travel costs for the whole family, but we understand that, given the short deadline and holiday season, it may be a difficult goal to achieve. Any contribution will get us that much closer. Help us keep this a surprise for Shane and his family until December 18th.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or give us a shout. 

We will keep everyone posted on the progress!!

Happy Holidays,


Melanie, Alexandre, Renee and Derek.

***Disclaimer*** Please note, this is a family and friends-only fundraiser and is NOT a registered charity. Therefore, the donation receipts that will be given to you cannot be claimed for tax purposes. 

I thank you all for even taking the time to read this message! Christmas is a time of giving and making dreams come true!

Derek and Melanie, sending much love your way my friends! You are amazing individuals! I will ask Dad to talk to the angels and help in this very special dream! I love you very much xox

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