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Friday, May 27, 2011


Can you see my followers???? My Follow gadget seems to have dissapeared from my blog OH NO!!!  :(((( Anyone know what to do?

I don't think that beating up my MAC would help any huh?

Please let me know if you have any tips or are experiencing the same thing.

Happy Fwiday!

4 merveilleux commentaires:

Shatam said...

Merci de ton passage sur mon blog. Nous sommes pas les seules avec ce problème. Tout ceux qui utilise blogger l'ont. Il faudrait écrire à blogger mais de 1 mon anglais n'est pas assez bon et de 2 je sais pas comment faire. C'est frustrant quand des choses de ce genre arrivent grrr

Cor* said...

mine was missing for a good couple days too, now it's back and I darnded lost one! Bwwahhaha....who does that? It'll come back, I'm positive.

Fliss said...

Hi Tammy, just to say that everyone I know and me have no followers in the side bar so it's obviously a blogger problem so don't worry.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Summite said...

Bonjour à toi juste un petit mot pour te dire que moi aussi j'ai le même problème....

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